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About the Author: Jeanette M. Bennett




Why Scablander?

Why is this site called "Scablander?" It's what I am. I have spent most of my life in the Scablands of Eastern Washington State. We are the "Never-Green" part of the Evergreen State. I took the name on my Twitter site and decided to use it as my web address. I can tell people to go to and they can find it right away. If I said go to, few people can spell my name. (Might have something to do with the way I pronounce it with my Western accent.) Besides with a name like Scablander I can't get too cocky, right?


My Blogs

Scablander - my personal Blog

Twitter as a Tool for Writers - Tweeting as a character

Sources for Victorian Research - websites I have found on Victorian culture

The Association of Temporal Anthropologists - world history

Dr. Wendell Howe - Victorian history

Story Behind the Masthead

I'm sure you have all noticed the clever "Google Doodles" Google puts up to celebrate holidays or notible birthdays? I looked on March 6th to see if Google was going to pay tribute to Elizabeth Barret Browning, Michaelangelo, or one of a dozen famous people born on that day. Nothing. I tweeted about naming all the famous people they could have honored, then tweeted "but of course I'm not one of them." I then got a tweet from MouseWords saying she had rectified that. On Twitpics she posted the above picture.


I can't tell you how touched I was, not only that she had done it, but what the figures in "Scablander" were. They were characters from my books that Dr. Wendell Howe mentions on Twitter and on his blog. Someone was actually paying attention to my drivel! Now I knew I had to publish. At least one person out there wanted to read my book.


In case you can't figure out what the figures are, here is an explanation:


S = The time stream. I started #TemporalTues on Twitter so everyone could do there own time traveling. Temporal Tuesday


C = Wendell's pocket watch Computer and Theta-Wave Projector


A = Wendell's time machine. A large black box with a chair and a big red button to push to turn it on. The machine is owned by the Institute of Time Travel and he's not allowed to fiddle with it. Tools of the Trade


B = Dr. Matilda Warwick, a temporal anthropologist studying the Middle Ages. A very good friend of Wendell's, but it seems they only get to see each other about every six months. Temporal Anthropologist Ball


L = Dr. Wendell Howe, temporal anthropologist from the University of Cambridge who travels back to study the Victorian Age. On Being a Professional Wallflower


A = Dr. Serendipity Brown, who invents time travel in the 24th century. Behind her is her assistant Sherman Conrad whom she meets in 1985. Chapter One - Walking a Fine Timeline


N = Agents from the Institute of Time Travel Enforcement Agency in their 27th century uniforms. (And why Wendell doesn't own a 27th century suit.) Why the Institute of Time Travel is Necessary


D = The Faculty of History Building on the campus of the University of Cambridge. Wendell has his office there. For photo and explanantion: Wendell's Office


E = Wendell's tea making implements. He's an expert on the subject. Wendell's Tea Book


R = Dr. Henry Darrel, temporal anthropologist studying the 19th century American working man. Occasionally works with Wendell Howe. He always wears a Stetson hat. A Friend in Need


There, now you know what's going on in the masthead. Thank you MouseWords a.k.a. Christine Taylor for the best birthday present ever!


Who I am


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My name is Jeanette Bennett. I was born in Washington State, USA and have lived here all my life. I wish I could tell you the exciting tales of when I studied penguins in the Antarctic or worked for the C.I.A. but my life would not make an exciting read. I am a nerd.

I always wanted to be a writer. (Who hasn’t, right?) I use to write all the time but decided I would never go anywhere and I was being stupid and selfish. Besides, this guy I was madly in love with wanted to marry me. He didn’t know I was a writer and would probably drop me if he knew. So I went cold turkey.


Twenty years later Mike (now hubby) decided he wanted to go to night school and become a welder. I would be alone three evenings a week. Rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself I decided to write the few hours he was gone.


I fell off the wagon and went on a writing binge.


Here’s the weird thing: I suddenly felt alive. I had more energy and was happier. It dawned on me I had been in a depression because I wasn’t writing. I was denying who I was. I had to come out of the closet (or is that the bookcase?) and admit to myself and the world, I AM A WRITER. doesn’t matter. I have to write.

And it turns out Michael likes being married to a writer. Who knew?


So, hopefully you will like my stories, or maybe you won't. Either way, look out world, I'm about to inflict myself upon you!


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